Stranger Still!

Part II of 10 Strange and Unusual Cayce Readings

And you thought the Cayce readings couldn't get any stranger! Check out our latest installment in Part II of Cayce readings that are so strange, unusual, and obscure (and often-times unsettling!) that many scholars and students steer clear of discussing them or aren't aware they exist.  Among my favorites featured here is 507-1 in which Cayce gives a trance reading for Irish-born psychic Eileen Garrett (long considered Europe's most remarkable clairvoyant), and a follow-up reading Garrett gives Cayce conducted in the same home on the same day. Did the 2 great psychics wave to one another as they crossed paths on their way to visit the Akashic records? Add a crystal ball and the appearance of an East Indian Swami into the mix and you have the ingredients for a Ripley's "Believe it or Not."

Part II picks up where Part I left off with Helene and Ernest Zentrgraf in their Staten Island mansion. If you don't know the Zengraf family revisit the "considering suicide" reading discussed at the end of Part I.

Viewers who wish to study the text of the readings discussed in Part II can access them, along with supplemental information, in the A.R.E. "members only" section at For students of the readings who wish to go the extra distance and run down the many references to other readings mentioned, citations are listed below:


(1)   Discussing 507-1 and Report of 507-1 (referencing: 507-2) 

(2)  Discussing 900-465 

(3)  Discussing 4227-1 (additional references to: 774-2,2852-1, 3009-1, 5196-1, 989-2, 5030-1, and 261-14) 

(4)  Discussing 953-10 (additional reference 2671-5 Reports

(5)  Discussing 1279 series (additional references to 3812 series)