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Continuing the Cayce Research Begun by Gladys Davis

Hi All—

This is just a note to fellow students of the Cayce readings to let you know that we will be sharing our latest research on Edgar Cayce in a new newsletter. This will be our first.

For anyone who missed our "Cayce Universe" keynote address at this year's quarantined A.R.E. Congress, we have now made an even better talk available for free, via download or for viewing on Vimeo. Find out how rock star Katy Perry and actors Mathew Broderick and Michael Learned are all (probably without their knowledge) connected to the Cayce work. Elvis, too! Please click below on the link to watch it. 

Now about our newsletter…

Our intention in creating the newsletter is to post articles, photographs, videos, and other content based on our ongoing research into the Cayce readings. Topics of particular interest to us include "Who or What was Cayce's Source?" "Was Cayce Ever Wrong?" and "How to Lead Your Life According to Cayce." Among new articles and talks in development are "Edgar Cayce's 10 Strangest and Most Unusual Readings" and "Running Your Business the Edgar Cayce Way."  

Another important aspect of the newsletter is our Cayce Universe research program that endeavors to carry on the work of Cayce's dedicated secretary and twin-soul, Glady Davis, who dispatched researchers into the field to interview folks, find newspaper articles and other documents, and she would send reading recipients follow-up letters to find out more about the readings they received, the impact the readings had on them, and the background and history behind them. How accurate were Cayce's psychic communications? What was the larger story that Cayce was referring to when he gave advice or admonishments?  They wanted to be able to make full sense of what Cayce told recipients and thereby gain the most from the readings.

As students of the Cayce readings know, some of this information is already available in the reports and background sections of the Cayce reading database found on the A.R.E. website. More details can be found in the archives of the Edgar Cayce Foundation. However, nowadays, with the internet as our great Akashic records in the cloud, it is more feasible than it has ever been to put the readings in context. As Gladys and her team knew, the readings become so much more instructional and comprehensible when we understand who received them and how that information may have impacted their lives, and in some cases, the lives of many. And in other cases, the importance of Cayce’s work jumps into substantial national, international, and historical importance when we see who some of the readings were done for, the topics and the background of those readings. This was a lifelong pursuit for Gladys and her team, and we endeavor to continue that important work. Why did Gladys begin this research? Because she knew how important it was to better understand the readings, their content, their context, and their importance. She knew this research was very valuable— not just for her own edification—but for the benefit of all Cayce students.

If you or someone you know wishes to be included in our regular communications, please email them our link: and invite them to join ours!

In the meantime, please enjoy this new presentation on the Cayce Universe!

Sidney and Nancy Kirkpatrick

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