Cayce Reading Recipient Bernie Krause "The Great Animal Orchestra" this Saturday on Zoom. (It's free from the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem Mass.!)

When Bernie was an infant, Cayce gave a reading stating that he would be a talented musician but would really hit his stride in life when he combined music with nature. Boy did he get that right!

Hey there,

We just wanted to share with you this great opportunity to see a Cayce subject and his remarkable, inspiring, fascinating and important work. We have met and interviewed Bernie and his wife Kat on a few occasions and just love them.

It is this Saturday, November 20th, 2021 at 1 pm eastern time, and you can sign up now online for this free live event. Sid will be attending in person—it is in Salem Massachusetts—so if you are nearby, you may want to do so too.

To learn more about Bernie and his work—books, videos, talks and events, you can visit:

Here is a link to a Ted Talk that he gave:

And for lots more, including articles in the New York Times, or other publications, do an online search for Bernie Krause, Wild Sanctuary or “The Great Animal Orchestra.”

To see and hear some of Bernie’s work, search as well.

We just wanted to quickly share this opportunity with you. And, also to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!