The Undisciplined Mystic, by James Sienkiewicz

The Undisciplined Mystic, by James Sienkiewicz, can be downloaded at no charge from Google Drive at:


I met the late Jim Sienkiewicz in 2014 after a lecture I gave in Virginia Beach. A gifted young psychic and dedicated student of the Cayce readings, he volunteered to help research the Aurascope—a device that Edgar Cayce, in trance, said could be used to read the colorful energy patterns that surround living things. A working model of this device had recently been built by Miami’s "Search for God" group members Gary Cohen, Ed Brian, and Ruben Miller and we were eager to find psychically talented people to test the device under different conditions. Thanks to Jim (and the cooperation of his young bride, Sol!), we were able, for the first time ever, to take an aura reading on a pregnant woman! Wow! The experience was like looking at an exploding rainbow!

[Sol Sienkiewicz (seated) undergoing aura scanning. Holistic veterinarian Doug Kneuvan (on the upper right) waits for his turn at the Aurascope. ]

Sadly, it was Jim, not his pregnant wife, who should have received the aura scan. He died of cancer in 2019. I thought this would be the last I would hear from the family until his father called to say that Jim had made an unusual request (and a bequest) before his death. He wanted Nancy and me to edit a book he had spent the last decade writing and to do what we could to share his work with those who would appreciate it the most—like-minded fans of Edgar Cayce. Jim and his father had also generously left a significant donation in Nancy’s and my names to benefit the Edgar Cayce Foundation archive.

Editing Jim's work has been a real pleasure. From his childhood in Pennsylvania to his expatriate years in Mexico and Estonia, no subject was off-limits. He examined telepathy, hands-on healing, dream interpretation, alcoholism, hallucinogenic drugs, and a lot more. And with the same relentless desire with which he wrote about the Astral Plane, he shared his adventures—dodging pick-pockets in Rome, body-surfing in Hawaii, studying Edgar Cayce in Virginia Beach, building greenhouses in Veracruz, and falling in love with Sol, with whom he had communed in the spirit world long before meeting in the flesh and blood.

From the extraordinary to the utterly dark, Jim bares his soul as he invites us to share his halting and often-times imperfect and courageous adventure. Regardless of where readers find themselves on the human journey, this honest and engaging account of one man's story demands a parallel search of our own. Jim found his universal truths and sought to live by them. Readers are encouraged to do the same.