10 Strange and Unusual Edgar Cayce Readings

What Edgar got right and what he got wrong in trance readings that are certain to stretch your imagination.

Dedicated students of the Cayce readings are familiar with his health treatments and life-transforming spiritual concepts. What Cayce Universe delivers in this two-hour documentary-style presentation—complete with never-before-seen photos, archival correspondence, and motion-picture footage—are Cayce readings that are so strange, unusual, and obscure (and often-times unsettling!) that scholars and students alike steer clear of discussing them or aren't aware they exist. Among other revelations, hear what Cayce has to say about super-humans living among us, advance preparations being made to help a Selma, Alabama insurance salesman transition into the afterlife, and why God cannot intervene when a soul has chosen to end their own life. And strange but true, meet the thieves responsible for the greatest train robbery in U.S. history, hear how a deceased pirate captain helped Florida treasure hunters, and join Edgar as he contemplates going on a fishing trip in the afterlife. This is Edgar Cayce as you've never known him before as presented by a team of volunteer researchers following in the footsteps of Edgar Cayce Foundation archivist Gladys Davis.

Viewers of the program may wish to study the text of the readings discussed. They can be accessed, along with supplemental information, in the A.R.E. "members only" section at edgarcayce.org. For students of the readings who wish to go the extra distance and run down the many references to other readings mentioned, citations are listed below. Part II of this program will be available on cayceuniverse.com later this month.


introductory remarks: (referencing 3517-2)

(1)   Discussing: 5756-13 and 5756-14 (referencing 2722-5 reports, 5756-6)

(2)  Discussing 3817-1  

(3)  Discussing 304-49 

(4)  Discussing 5756-5 (referencing 5265-1, 261-15, 646-2)

(5)  discussing 378 series (19-50) and referencing 275 series and 378-11)

PART II (available later this month on Cayceuniverse.com)

(6)  Discussing 507-1 and Report of 507-1 (referencing: 507-2) 

(7)  Discussing 900-465 

(8) Discussing 4227-1 (additional references to: 774-2,2852-1, 3009-1, 5196-1, 989-2, 5030-1, and 261-14) 

(9)  Discussing 953-10 (additional reference 2671-5 Reports

(10)   Discussing 1279 series (additional references to 3812 series)